“While the 3-D movie version of Finding Nemo is no significant upgrade on the original 2-D version, flat reproductions of the Finding NemoView-Master reels don’t do the stereoscopic images justice. Take Reel A, Slide 5, for example: “Bruce urges Marlin and Dory to attend his party.” The picture is from the scene in the film where a great white shark (voiced by Barry Humphries) swims behind Marlin and Dory, before revealing that he and his pals have sworn off eating fish. The slide captures the moment before Bruce says he’s come in peace, so it shows Marlin and Dory, tiny and bright in the lower left-hand corner of the frame, while Bruce lurks behind them, grinning menacingly. Similarly, Reel A, Slide 6—“The submarine wreck holds a special surprise”—is unusually murky, with the submarine in the back of the frame, and a path of ominous floating mines leading up to it. These are the kinds of slides that kept me looking at my Peanuts View-Master reels so intently. The contrasts, the situations, and the diorama-like compositions all suggest an actual physical space that only the brave may enter.”

In this month’s Adventures In Licensing, Noel Murray looks at how a decades-old toy technology—the View-Master—adds a new dimension to Pixar’s computer-generated animation. [Read more…]